Introducing Objektiv

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Objektiv LogoMeet Objektiv, our first Mac App. It’s a simple utility that lets you switch your default browser quickly. You might find it useful if you’re a web designer or use multiple browsers in your workflow.

Download it now! Or grab the source from GitHub.


Objektiv is a status-bar app whose icon shows you your currently selected default browser. Clicking on the icon will list all available browsers on your system, and let you choose something else as your default choice. Pretty straightforward!

Objektiv browser-selection menu
Objektiv browser-selection Notification

Pressing Option (⌥) will allow you hide browsers or apps that were mis-categorised as browsers from this menu.

We also have a whimsical looking overlay window that you can trigger with an optional global hotkey. The overlay window is also pretty keyboard-driven; you can quickly select a browser by typing the appropriate number.

Objektiv's Overlay Window


We built it mainly for our needs, but also as a way to learn all about Mac app development and dip our toes into the weird and wonderful world of Objective-C & Cocoa. If you look at the source code’s history, you’ll see a novice Cocoa programmer’s journey, with occasional missteps along the way.

Please let us know what you think of this app, we would appreciate any feedback! If you encounter any problems, please post bug reports to GitHub.

PS: We’ll be writing more about the internals of Objektiv in later posts, keep an eye out for them!

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