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Introducing Objektiv

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Objektiv Logo

Meet Objektiv, our first Mac App. It’s a simple utility that lets you switch your default browser quickly. You might find it useful if you’re a web designer or use multiple browsers in your workflow. Download it now! Or grab the source from GitHub. Features: Objektiv is a status-bar app whose icon shows you your… Read more »

The Story of the Logo

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An animated version of the nth loop logo

We wanted the logo to be interesting, graphically involved and representative of what nth loop stood for — great design and cutting edge technology. We went through a few iterations before finalizing our current logo. Our first thought was to use a Möbius strip and twist it to an n shape: we tried a few… Read more »

Hello from nth loop!

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Hi! We are Ankit & Srivatsan, the founders of nth loop and this is our blog. Expect to read a lot of interesting posts about design & technology, and everything that goes into developing our products. We may also sneak in a recipe or a rant or two.